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New to Lowell General Hospital?

Lowell General Hospital's Vendor Management Policy requires all vendors be compliant with its Vendor Management Policy before contractual commitments can be reached and payments for products and services will be issued.

New vendors must complete a setup process according to instructions in order to begin the compliance process.

Registration Instructions

1. New and existing vendors must register and maintain accurate records in the GHX VendorMate system, Lowell General Hospital’s selected service provider for contract and contractor registration and management.

Register for Vendormate

2. Upon successful registration, vendor representatives will be asked to complete required forms and assessments which allows Lowell General Hospital to accept products and services into the organization. Required documents may include:

  • Completion of non-disclosure agreements, business associate agreements (BAA), and other confidentiality and compliance agreements
  • Completion of competency and compliance training
  • Proof of require vaccinations and tests
  • Completion of required criminal background and other background and credentialing checks
  • Certificates of insurance
  • Other documents

Vendor representatives who do not provide all required documentation during the registration process will not be authorized to conduct business at Lowell General Hospital until all registration requirements are met.

3. Vendors must maintain complete and accurate records in GHX VendorMate at all times.

Contact Us

Questions regarding the Vendor Management Policy or instructions? Please email with related questions and contract examples.

Already a Vendor?

Our policy requires your compliance in order to renew contracts or receive payments. Actions:

  1. Contact Lowell General Hospital Vendor Office for instruction here:
  2. Register your company and representatives in VendorMate using the instructions linked above.

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