Spine Care

Lowell General Hospital  provides diagnostic services and offers both non-surgical and surgical treatment options for a variety of spine conditions.

Conservative non-surgical treatments like traction, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy or local cortisone injections are some of the options your doctor may discuss with you. If conservative, nonsurgical treatments are not alleviating pain; spinal surgery may then be considered for pain relief and mobility restoration.

Our goal is to provide patients with the most advanced and effective spine care. An individualized approach and treatment plan is used to get patients back to good health as quickly as possible.

Conditions Treated Include:

Cervical Spine Disorders


Degenerative Spinal conditions

Herniated Disc/Bulging Disc

Lumbar Spine Disorders



Scoliosis and Deformity

Spinal Stenosis


Thoracic Spine Disorders

Trauma injuries


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