Shingles vaccine

Check with your insurance company for coverage details


Shingles causes a painful rash with blisters


Some people have long-lasting skin and nerve pain even after the rash clears up

Older Adults

The risk of getting shingles and having complications rises as you get older


A newer form of the vaccine, called Shingrix, is more than 90 percent effective at preventing shingles

Who Needs It

Adults ages 50 and older, even if you already had shingles before

When to Get It

Two doses, given two to six months apart*

*Shingrix is in high demand. This has led to shortages at times. Call ahead to see if it’s in stock. Put your name on a list if there’s a wait.

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From the CDC: What Everyone Should Know about the Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix)

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