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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is an outpatient program at Lowell General Hospital’s Saints Campus for people who have emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, or other lung disorders. Patients receive an individualized exercise program that is based on the individual’s health status and on a physician’s evaluation.

The program’s primary goals and benefits are to:

  • Reduce shortness of breath and improve the ability to perform daily activities through breathing retraining and exercise
  • Increase exercise capacity through conditioning
  • Improve knowledge of lung disease through educational programs
  • Provide emotional support from our pulmonary rehabilitation team and fellow participants 

Pulmonary educational programs are scheduled in conjunction with exercise sessions and include topics on:

  • Breathing retraining techniques
  • How the heart and lungs work
  • Treatment and medication
  • Bronchial hygiene
  • Relaxation and panic control
  • Lung conditions
  • Signs of infection
  • Exercise & Nutrition

Rehabilitation is more than just exercise - it brings you a full range of services to help you get and stay healthy.

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