Pediatric Emergency Care

Unique emergency care for our young patients

We understand that kids are unique, and have specific needs when it comes to emergencies. At our main campus emergency department, we have created a new area with a designated pediatric waiting space including child-friendly activities as well as a separate zone of private rooms to help calm and soothe our young patients.

Led by a board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician, this area has six pediatric emergency rooms to treat patients from birth to 21 years old. Pediatric specific capabilities in emergency medicine include specialized pain management, child-friendly devices for IVs, blood draws, wound treatments and procedural sedation. The area also has specialized trauma capabilities for this younger age group.

Emergency Department and Trauma Center staff partner closely with area pediatricians and family practice physicians to ensure our patients continue to receive coordinated follow-up care after discharge. Parents draw comfort knowing that Lowell General's partnership with Tufts Children's Hospital also provides inpatient pediatric care if needed. 

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