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Multidisciplinary Consultation

Cancer treatment requires the expertise of many specialists from different departments and disciplines. The day of your appointment you will meet with our team of care specialists. The team may consist of our Oncology Nurse, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Surgeon and Social Worker. They will review with you your diagnosis and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your continued care. You may be required to have additional tests. These tests will be ordered or scheduled at the conclusion of the consult.

Your appointment has been booked for one of our Multidisciplinary Cancer Consultations. Our Team will assemble to discuss your best course for your cancer treatment. Depending on your diagnosis this meeting may also include a Surgeon, Pulmonary Specialist, Urologist, ENT Specialist, Radiologist and Pathologist who will provide their opinion and interpretation of your treatment plan.

Your appointment may take approximately 2-3 hours. Please write down any questions you may have and bring them with you the day of your appointment. That way we can address any questions or concerns you may have. We also recommend that you bring a family member or friend with you for this appointment to help listen to what is said.

Prior to your appointment you will need to:

  • Drop off or fax to 978-937-6890 copies of any printed reports, clinic notes relating to your diagnosis such as mammogram or ultrasound report, pathology reports or clinic notes from an outside facility.
  • Provide a hard copy/disc of images of any mammograms, ultrasounds, CT Scans or x-rays which were performed outside of Lowell General Hospital.
  • We will request any pathology slides from an outside facility (other than Lowell General Hospital) to be forwarded to the Lowell General Hospital Pathology Department for interpretation. This will allow the team to review your medial information before your visit. This will need to be done as soon as possible to ensure that the slides are read prior to your appointment.
  • If you are a member of a managed care insurance plan, you are responsible for obtaining referrals before your visit from your primary care physician. Please note you will need to request a referral for each physician you meet with at this visit, so please request a referral for the medical oncologist and one for the radiation oncologist. Please fax the referrals to our office at 978-937-6890 or mail them to the Lowell General Hospital Cancer Center.
  • Complete the Nursing Assessment Form that is enclosed in your packet and bring with you on the day of your appointment.

Please let us know if you require the use of our Interpreter Services Department. These services must be scheduled in advance of the appointment. We also provide transportation for those in need. Please let us know in advance so arrangements can be coordinated.

Please contact our office at 978-788-7259 if you have any questions regarding your appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you. 
The Staff at the Cancer Center Lowell General Hospital

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