DRG Therapy for Chronic Pain

DRG (dorsal root ganglion) therapy targets isolated, chronic pain that may start in a lower extremity (foot, knee, hip and groin) following an injury or surgical procedure and grows worse over time. For patients with pain that is limited to these specific areas of the body, DRG therapy often succeeds where other treatments have not or provided only partial relief.

The therapy works by stimulating the dorsal root ganglion, a nerve cluster in the spine that acts like a traffic light, regulating signals and sensations as they travel to the brain. Stimulation of the DRG can actually modify the signals getting through, resulting in a significant reduction of pain.

Patients choosing DRG Therapy undergo a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a generator is implanted under the skin, with thin insulated wires carrying electrical pulses from the generator to the dorsal root ganglia. A handheld remote control allows patients to adjust the strength and location of stimulation or even turn the stimulation off.

Patients who are undecided about the therapy can be fitted with a temporary device, allowing them to determine its effectiveness for pain prior to undergoing an implant.

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