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Breast Health Navigators

Breast Health Navigators
Breast Health Navigators

Breast Health Navigators (BHN) are nursing professionals who are specially trained to coordinate the clinical, educational and supportive needs of our patients who are either facing a possible breast cancer diagnosis or newly diagnosed with breast cancer. These women are experienced in women's health and oncology (cancer care).

BHNs serve as an expert reference and guide for our patients, if necessary, in all aspects of their breast care. From the time of an abnormal mammogram, the BHN will work with the patient and family members to provide support and education and to assist in the delivery of comprehensive breast care at Lowell General Hospital.

The Breast Health Navigator's role includes:

  • Obtaining a focused patient history
  • Providing clinical breast exams as appropriate
  • Assisting patients in the interpretation and understanding of test results
  • Working with your provider to facilitate the scheduling of diagnostic tests and other treatment
  • Assessing and referring women who are at high risk for developing breast cancer for genetic counseling
  • Serving as a resource to patients diagnosed with breast cancer or benign breast changes



Breast Health Navigators

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