AngelEye NICU CameraSystem™

Keeping Connected to your Baby

The Lowell General Hospital Maternity team is happy to provide your family with the latest camera technology to help keep you informed and connected to your baby while they are in the Special Care Nursery. This camera system, brought to you by AngelEye Health, allow parents to see a secure live feed of their baby 24/7 from any connected device.

AngelEye NICU CameraSystem™ in action with Dr. Cordova

The AngelEye solution includes advanced camera technology with live-streaming video, a patient update App that allows clinicians to send text, photo and recorded video, and online education resources to ensure a successful transition home.

Please note that this technology is to enhance your family-centered care experience at Lowell General Hospital and provide you and designated family members access to view your baby at any time (a static image will pop on the screen anytime your baby is receiving care). The AngelEye camera system does not replace regular communication with your newborn’s care team or visiting your child in person.

Your nurse will provide you with an informational guide on how to set up your account with AngelEye Health. Support is available at, by calling (855) 456-6805 or email

Support Initiatives in our Special Care Nursery 

Family-centered care is at the heart of everything we do in the Special Care Nursery. Your donation to the Special Care Nursery enables us to respond to the most urgent needs of our patients and families and supports important patient care initiatives and technology advancements.

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