ACL Repair

ACL reconstruction is typically done as a minimally invasive procedure using orthopedic techniques to repair the knee through a few small incisions. Reconstructing the ACL involves removing torn ligament from the knee and constructing a new one from tendon tissue taken from yourself or a donor. The ACL is attached in place to the femur and tibia to rebuild the ligament support of the knee.

A new arthroscopic technique only utilized by about ten percent of orthopedic surgeons is currently being used at Lowell General Hospital by Dr. Sigman. This technique involves the placement of a tunnel through which the new ACL is threaded. This helps with stability and decreases the chance of re-rupture after surgery. ACL reconstruction is performed at Lowell General Hospital by orthopedic surgeons at both the main campus and at the outpatient surgery center at Lowell General Chelmsford.

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