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Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of Barrett’s Esophagus

In Barrett’s Esophagus, tissue in the esophagus is replaced by tissue similar to the intestinal lining. The condition is associated with a higher risk of developing esophageal cancer and is typically monitored routinely for development of precancerous cells.

RFA is a technique in which radiofrequency energy is applied to the esophagus to remove abnormal tissue. During this procedure, an electrode mounted endoscope or a balloon catheter will be inserted through the mouth and guided endoscopically into the esophagus.  Controlled heat delivered from the electrode is then used to destroy Barrett’s tissue and any precancerous or cancerous cells while healthy tissue underneath remains unharmed.

Patients will receive anesthesia prior to the procedure. The procedure itself takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Patients may return home following the procedure but must be accompanied due to use of anesthesia.

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