Myoview Stress Test

A Myoview stress test is used to check for coronary artery disease. During the procedure, a small amount of radioactive isotope called Myoview is injected into a vein, one injection is given through an IV when you first begin the exam called resting images, and a second injection is given while you exercise on a treadmill. The Myoview circulates in your bloodstream and is absorbed by your heart while a special camera takes pictures that show whether your heart is receiving enough blood and oxygen.

What to Expect for a Myoview Stress Test

Before Your Appointment

  • Please pre-register for your appointment by calling 978-937-6429 Monday-Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm, or anytime online at Express Registration.
  • An Appointment Reminder with specific instructions for your exam will be mailed to you.
  • Women should inform their physicians if there's a possibility they might be pregnant.
  • Please remember to bring the written order from your physician. You must provide a doctor's order/referral form when you check in at the front desk.
  • If you have your doctor's order/referral form and have registered, please proceed directly to the Radiology Department on the ground floor for your exam.
  • For questions regarding your scheduled exam contact the Radiology Department at 978-937-5254, 978-937-5255 or 978-937-6240.

Exam Preparation

  • If you are currently taking beta-blockers, check with your doctor about whether or not discontinue them before the exam.
  • All other prescribed medication can be taken. Be sure to continue taking any prescribed anti-hypertensive drugs.
  • You may have a light breakfast the day of the test.
  • Do NOT consume caffeine or decaffeinated beverages, including soda and chocolate.
  • Do NOT smoke.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.
  • Your exam may take up to four (4) hours. Please sure to schedule your appointment on a day when you will have enough time to complete the exam.

During the Procedure

A temporary IV will be inserted into your arm at the start of the test to make it easier to introduce the Myoview into your vein. During the exercise stress portion of the exam, electrodes will be attached to your chest so an electrocardiograph machine can monitor your heart rate. The Myoview will be injected while you are exercising at your peak level when indicated. Your blood pressure will also be checked at various points during the procedure. For the resting images, you will also be injected with Myoview and then asked to wait for approximately 30 minutes for the solution to circulate in your bloodstream. For the pictures after the stress test as well as those for the resting studies, you will lie still on a table while a large camera slowly rotates around your chest.

After the Procedure

You may return to your normal routine.

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