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Impella® CP Heart Pump for treatment of Cardiogenic Shock

The Heart and Vascular Center offers the latest heart pump technology, the Impella CP, for patients in cardiogenic shock, a life-threatening condition when the heart’s inability to function causes organs in the body to begin to fail. Cardiogenic shock may happen as a result of a heart attack or other causes such as abnormal heart rhythms, heart failure, heart defects, genetics, or from a viral illness.

Impella® CP Heart Pump

In the past, survival rates for patients in cardiogenic shock were fairly grim. Risk factors for cardiogenic shock include older age, a history of heart attacks or heart failure, coronary artery disease that affects the heart’s major blood vessels, high blood pressure or diabetes.

With this new technology, patient outcomes are vastly improved. This tiny non-surgical heart pump is inserted via a catheter to help ensure blood flow is maintained to critical organs such as the brain and kidneys. The pump takes blood from the left ventricle and pumps it into the circulatory system, which allows the heart to rest.

This helps to stabilize the patient before transfer to the Intensive Care Unit, or until a more permanent device or another interventions can be done when the body is stronger.

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