Computed Tomography (CT Scans)

A CT scan is a test that your doctor may order to view an area of interest in cross-section. A good analogy would be to think of your body as being a loaf of bread and every ‘slice' would be a picture on the CT exam. The test involves you lying on a table and moving in and out of a donut shaped hole. X-rays and computers generate the final images for a Radiologist to view or ‘read'.

Types of CT Exams

Preparation for CT Exams

Oral and IV Contrast:

Depending on which test your doctor has ordered for you to have, we may have to give you an oral contrast to drink which will highlight the digestive tract on the CT exam. Sometimes in addition to this drink or instead of it, we will give you an intravenous contrast which will highlight the arteries and veins on the CT exam. Your doctor and the Radiologist, who is the doctor that reads the CT, will determine which contrast you will receive.

Not all CT Exams require preparation, but for those that do, we have provided instructions in the links above. 

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