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64-Slice CT-Scan

Advanced Imaging for 3-D Viewing

A doctor's diagnosis is only as good as the technology used to make it. That's why Lowell General Hospital has brought in the most advanced technology for Computer Tomography (CT) scanning available anywhere- a state-of-the-art 64-channel CT scanner.

So what does that mean for our patients?

Your doctors can view your heart, brain, lungs and entire body as a high-resolution, three-dimensional image - as they actually appear. It's a tool that makes it easier to detect and diagnosis life-threatening illnesses and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and lung disease, the scanner creates split-second images. And the more information doctors have to work with, the more accurate the diagnosis.

The 64-Channel CT Scanner also gets the exam done more quickly. With split-second imaging, it captures more detailed information, faster than a typical one-dimensional CT scan, reducing x-ray exposure. Faster results to help doctors and surgeons make faster treatment decisions when every minute counts.

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