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Hannah M. Mathew MD

Hannah M. Mathew, MD

Dr. Mathew was inspired to become a physician at a young age when her grandfather suffered a stroke. “I got a first-hand look at the difference medicine and physicians could make. Subsequent studies and experiences confirmed that I was passionate about hearing people’s stories and challenges, and medicine provided a venue for me to do so.”

Dr. Mathew is communicative, collaborative and caring, and works hard to listen and understand each patient’s concerns.

What is Dr. Mathew’s care philosophy?

“My approach to medicine is to integrate standards of care with the unique circumstances and experiences of my patients. I believe medicine is not one size fits all and is best carried out via shared decision making between patient and provider.”

Outside of work, Dr. Mathew enjoys reading, cooking and exploring cities by foot and by food. She has many indoor plans and hopes to expand this interest to include outdoor gardening. She is also very attached to her Labrador Retriever.

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