X-ray services will be temporarily suspended at the Circle Health Urgent Care in Westford beginning Friday 9/22 for maintenance.
If you need an X-ray, please visit one of our three other Urgent Care locations in Billerica, Dracut and Tewksbury.

For Visitors

Infection Prevention

We take all precautions necessary to protect patients, employees and visitors from the spread of infection and communicable diseases. Our employees may wear gloves, gowns and masks when treating you or other patients. This is for your protection as well as their own. Special care is taken to dispose of linens, waste materials and needles.

Fortunately, many infections can be avoided simply by following proper hand washing techniques. Both care providers and visitors should wash their hands or use waterless hand sanitizer before and after visiting you. You can protect yourself by asking everyone who enters your room to wash their hands.

To help prevent the spread of infection:

  • Ensure that everyone who visits you has washed their hands or used waterless hand sanitizer immediately before entering the room. Easy access to sinks and waterless hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility.
  • If children visit, please do not allow them to sit or crawl on the floor. Be sure that they follow hand hygiene and wash their hands thoroughly or use waterless hand sanitizer before and after visiting.
  • If your condition requires additional protection, protective gloves and gowns are available for visitors and staff to help maintain a safe environment.
  • Restrict visitors who are not feeling well. A visitor with a simple cold, cough or rash can easily spread infections to you and other patients.
  • Individuals with recent exposure to infectious diseases such as chicken pox or other communicable diseases may not be allowed to visit. When appropriate, hospital staff may ask visitors about potential exposures prior to entering your room.
  • Should your condition require isolation, a sign may be placed near your door reminding others to use extra precautions. This is done to protect you from potential infection. Your nurse will explain the necessary procedures to you and your family if it is required.


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