For Patients

Medical Record Request

You may access your Medical Records one of these three ways:

Option 1: Click on myTuftsMed patient portal to allow you to access your health records

Additional Information:

You can view, download or share your record for a specific visit or set of visits.

  • Go to Sharing > Share My Record and select Download or send your record.
  • Select a visit on the Single Visit tab or use the Date Range tab or All Visits tab to select multiple visits.
  • Click View to view a copy of the visit summary.
  • Click Download to save a copy of the visit summary for your records.
  • Click Send to send a copy of your visit summary to another provider. This might be useful if you need to keep another provider, such as a specialist who works outside of your clinic informed about your health.
  • Download medical records you've requested.
  • Go to My RecordDocument Center and click Requested Records.
  • Locate the record you want to view and click Download.
  • If the record is password protected, you will receive a warning message. Click Continue Download.
  • Click Open to view, or Save to save the file to your computer.
  • If the record is password protected, click Show Password on the Requested Records page to view the password. Enter it to view the document.
  • Share your medical information using Share Everywhere in your myTuftsMed online account or from the mobile app

Option 2: Download the myTuftsMed app

  • To install the myTuftsMed app, go to the App Store or Google Play store and search for myTuftsMed
  • To install the myTuftsMed app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for myTuftsMed
  • On your mobile device, open the Apple App Store (if you have an iOS device) or the Google Play Store (if you have an Android device). Look for one of the following icons to find the app store on your device:
  • Search for myTuftsMed
  • Tap Install
  • After install, tap Open or open from the myTuftsMed icon on your device 

Option 3: Request Medical Record without myTuftsMed

Although your medical record data and x-ray film belong to the hospital, the information contained in the record belongs to you. You may inspect the record or have copies made for a reasonable fee after signing an authorization. If you are a hospitalized patient, please make your request through a staff member. If you have any issues acquiring your medical record copy of, please call the Lowell General Hospital Health Information Management Department at (978) 937-6000, ext. 76327.

To request copies of your images, download and fill out the X-ray request for images form, and email to

At Lowell General Hospital, we respect your privacy. If you would like us to forward a copy of your medical record to a healthcare provider, we need your written authorization along with a legible copy of your valid photo ID. If you pick up your medical records in person, you will be required to show a valid photo ID.

When completing the authorization, please provide the date of service and the information you need, for example, "discharge summary from last admission."

There are three options to obtain copies of your medical records:

  1. Stop by the Health Information Management Department and fill out an authorization to release your records and present a valid photo ID.
  2. Download and complete the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (Medical Records) Form, and then mail it to us: HIM Coordinator
    Health Information Management Department
    Lowell General Hospital
    295 Varnum Avenue
    Lowell, MA 01854-2193
  3. Download and complete the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (Medical Records) Form, and then fax it to 978-937-6869.

Is there a charge for medical records?

There is NO charge if we send the records directly to another healthcare provider.

There is a charge for copies of medical records that you pick up or those which are mailed directly to you. This fee is legislated by the state of Massachusetts. Payment for copies can only be made in cash or by check. Consideration will be given to waive fees for patients in cases of financial hardship.

Third party requestors, such as insurance companies and attorneys, are charged for copies which will be processed by Sharecare Health Data Solutions.

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