Specialized Emergency Care for Mom and Baby

OB ED for FYH, Spring 2022

Before and during childbirth, the health of mother and child are the only things that matter.

At Lowell General Hospital, if there are any heightened concerns, expectant mothers can have confidence that emergency care providers are just steps away.

Located on the hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit, the Obstetric Emergency Department (OB ED) offers enhanced emergency care by board-certified OB/GYN providers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“An OB ED can assess, treat and discharge obstetrical patients much faster than a general emergency department or OB triage unit,” says Laura Federico, Director of the Mother and Infant Unit at Lowell General. “Having this service ensures that our patients will be seen and evaluated by an OB provider, creating a safer environment for this high-risk population.”

The goal of this specialized unit is to quickly evaluate and treat mom and baby while reducing the wait time and anxiety that an expectant mother might experience when visiting the regular emergency department. The dedicated space is equipped to provide expert care for pregnant women with childbirth concerns, as well as delivery-related health issues for moms that are several weeks postpartum.

The OB ED is staffed by the hospital’s OB/GYN providers, including those that are part of Lowell General’s OB Hospitalist Program. Through a professional partnership with these providers, our team of maternity professionals and specialists are available on site in early morning or late evening hours when physicians’ offices are typically closed.

Patients are instructed to call their OB provider if possible before heading to the hospital, and always call 911 if experiencing a life-threatening emergency

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