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Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Are you one of the thousands of Americans who is at risk for developing lung cancer? If you are, one appointment could save your life.

Lowell General Hospital offers Low Dose CT (LDCT) for Lung Cancer Screening for qualified patients that can help catch lung cancer early. And when it is detected in its earliest stages, lung cancer can be treatable.

“We’ve detected seven cases of lung cancer since we began this program last year – cases that might have gone undetected and been very difficult to treat,” says Dr. Scott Abel, Chief of Radiology at Lowell General Hospital. He recalls one case as a true success story that speaks volumes on the importance of screening at-risk patients.

“We found a very small tumor at Stage 1. Due to the close collaboration of our care teams within radiology and the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital, the patient was seen by thoracic surgery, had a PET scan in a week, and promptly had a biopsy and surgery. Because we caught it so early it was completely removed; the patient didn’t need additional treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.”

In just minutes, this simple scan can detect nodules or spots on your lung. Studies have confirmed that screening patients at high risk for lung cancer with a Low Dose CT was significantly more effective in detection than a standard chest X-ray.

Make an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss potential benefits, limitations and possible risks of having a lung cancer screening scan. After reviewing and discussing the criteria, your physician will determine if you are a candidate for a lung cancer screening.

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