WCVB’s Health Hub: It’s All About the Gut

Gerry Ferretti, of Chelmsford, eats well and teaches exercise classes, but for years she struggled to reach her weight goals and wrestled with stomach issues. That all changed when she met Dr. Supriya Rao, a Lowell General gastroenterologist who set Ferretti on path that went beyond medication.

Dr. Rao, who is board certified in gastroenterology and internal, obesity and lifestyle medicine, helped Ferretti change how she eats, shifting her to a more plant-forward diet that would improve how the microbiome in her gut processed her nutrition.

It’s the first lifestyle change I’ve made in my health and wellness journey and my fitness journey where I haven’t had to think about anything,” Gerry says.

Cropped image of Dr. Rao and gut patient

Gerry’s story is featured on the WCVB Health Hub, a partnership between Tufts Medicine and Boston’s WCVB Ch. 5 to provide information about the latest treatments and perspectives from some of the top healthcare experts in New England.

To learn more about Gerri’s story and how the right food and lifestyle can improve your overall health, watch the Health Hub video. And try Dr. Rao’s spin on a gut-friendly quinoa salad recipe.


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