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WCVB Reports from COVID-19 field hospital at UMass Lowell

A second COVID-19 field hospital in Massachusetts is scheduled to begin accepting patients Monday morning.

The facility, which is located inside the UMass Lowell Recreation Center, is being operated by Lowell General Hospital.

The hospital, which is being called the Lowell General Hospital Alternative Care Site, has 77 beds available and was constructed by LGH and the state in less than 10 days with a new floor, plumbing, electricity and hospital-grade air filters.

"Most of the patients will be stabilized in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours, then transitioning here to complete their COVID-19 therapy," said Amy Hoey, chief operating officer at Lowell General.

The average length of stay for patients will be three to four days, as patients will be able to receive oxygen, intravenous therapy and other antibiotics.

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