Tufts Medicine Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Highlights

Tufts Medicine is committed to addressing disparities and improving outcomes for our patients while fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging for our workforce. Lowell General Hospital is proud to share the Tufts Medicine Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Highlights Report 2023.

The report features recent accomplishments in the community put forth by Tufts Medicine Lowell General Hospital in health equity outreach, including key partnerships with community members and community-based organizations to provide funding to create and support initiatives and programming designed to address the top health and social service needs identified in previous Community Health Needs Assessments in the areas of:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Chronic Health and Wellness
  3. Substance and Alcohol Use Disorder
  4. COVID-19 and Other Infectious Disease
  5. Reproductive, Sexual, and Pregnancy Health.

Thank you to all of our team members that create and deliver these initiatives and results.

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