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The LGH Surgical Services Team Donated Time and Expertise as Part of a Ugandan Humanitarian Effort

It takes a team for any surgery to come together. And when a patient comes from the other side of the world, there are many people to help.

Members of Lowell General Hospital's surgical services team recently donated their time and expertise as part of a Ugandan humanitarian effort to restore mobility for a man who is a leader in development and training in his native country.

Mwalimu Musheshe, PhD, is the chairman and co-founder of the Uganda Rural Development and Training Program in the African nation of Uganda.He is also chairman of the board of the National Agriculture Advisory Services, NAADS, the largest government program in Uganda for the modernization of agriculture. A visionary whose mission includes applying innovative ideas to societal development in order to encourage sustainability, Musheshe's team efforts have resulted in local empowerment of the people, including, importantly, women's leadership.

Dr. Musheshe was in need of a total knee replacement, a procedure not readily available in his homeland. Through the efforts and support of a Concord, Massachusetts based non-profit, African Food and Peace Foundation, surgery at Lowell General Hospital was arranged for in August.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Marcia Bergen, Michelle Houle, RN, CNOR, Haresh Patel, CSFA, and Gina O'Connor, RN volunteered their professional time to help provide the services needed in support of the knee replacement performed by Dr. Scott Sigman. Dr. Richard Birkhead provided additional support to the patient prior to surgery.

Dr. Musheshe will return to Uganda in September with the strength and ability to continue his work in the far reaches of Africa, providing education and developing agricultural programs to reduce hunger and create sustainable livelihoods through farming.

Lowell General Hospital is proud to have had its staff step forward and be part of this global outreach effort.

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