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Lowell General Hospital Proudly Sponsors Taylor's Message: The Dangers of Underage Binge Drinking

Lowell General Hospital will be sponsoring Taylor’s Message, a free program that shows first-hand the importance of teaching children about the dangers of underage drinking. The event is open to the public and takes place on Tuesday, May 6 from 7:00-9:00pm at Tewksbury High School at 320 Pleasant Street in Tewksbury. This program is part of Lowell General’s long standing and continued support of bringing important parent education programs to the Greater Lowell community.

After losing her 17-year-old daughter Taylor to underage drinking, Kathi Sullivan decided to share her daughter’s story with students and parents in hopes that her message would enlighten others on the dangers of underage drinking and poor choices. Taylor, a high school senior, drowned in 2008 in just two feet of water, alone in the woods in Plainville after a night of heavy drinking.

The program touches upon alcohol awareness, underage and binge drinking, choices and consequences, how to be a better friend and parenting and social host liability. Kathi’s presentation is heart-wrenching, but ends with an inspirational message of hope, love and a new found power for students to deal with peer pressure and tough choices they face every day.

Stories like Taylor’s are so powerful. Students and parents who attend this event will be profoundly affected, as Taylor truly represents many teens who do not fully understand the dangers in binge drinking and any student could ultimately find himself or herself in a very similar situation.

Substance abuse prevention and education is a key component of Lowell General Hospital’s community benefit plan for 2014. In addition to offering education programs like these about the dangers of alcohol abuse and drunk driving at local schools, the hospital is also working to increase the number of tobacco cessation programs and providing grant funding to support increased synthetic drug abuse awareness and prevention.

For more information, or to register, click: Taylor's Message

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