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Lowell General Hospital and Four Surgeons Recognized as Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology by the AAGL and Surgical Review Corporation

COEMIG compilation

Lowell General Hospital and four of its surgeons – Dr. William Galvin, III, Dr. Nonnie-Marie Estella, Dr. Minerva Domingo and Dr. John Hughes – have been recognized as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology by the AAGL and Surgical Review Corporation.To deliver on its vision of advancing minimally invasive gynecology worldwide, the AAGL, the leading association promoting minimally invasive gynecologic surgery among surgeons worldwide, partnered with Surgical Review Corporation to develop the Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) program as a quality improvement initiative. The COEMIG program is focused on improving the safety and quality of gynecologic patient care and lowering the overall costs associated with successful treatment. The program is designed to expand patient awareness of – and access to – minimally invasive gynecologic procedures performed by surgeons and facilities that have demonstrated excellence in these advanced techniques.

The COEMIG program recognizes that the integrated efforts and resources of both the surgeon and hospital are what provide lasting health benefits for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery patients. To earn the COEMIG designation, surgeons and hospitals must partner together and demonstrate a cross-organizational commitment to minimally invasive gynecologic surgical care. To earn the COEMIG designation, Lowell General Hospital provided information on all aspects of its minimally invasive gynecology program and processes, including data on its surgical outcomes.

“We are proud that Lowell General Hospital and four members of our medical staff have earned this prestigious designation,” said Joseph A. White, President of Lowell General Hospital. “The COEMIG recognition helps ensure our community that Lowell General Hospital is providing the highest quality minimally invasive gynecology surgical procedures possible, and that these minimally invasive treatment options offer great benefits to women living and working right here in our community.”

Designed to help accelerate the adoption of minimally invasive gynecology, the COEMIG program works to ensure that women are aware of their surgical treatment options and the benefits of less invasive approaches.

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