Alternative care site to be recommissioned, staffing needed

In response to the state’s request to provide additional patient capacity in the region, Lowell General Hospital is working with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and UMass Lowell to recreate an Alternative Care Site at UMass Lowell’s Campus Recreation Center.

Exterior Alternative Care Site (ACS) with Help Us with Our Pandemic Response banner

In order to maintain the necessary staffing resources for our hospital, there is an urgent need for trained professionals to staff the alternative care site in the event it is needed. Lowell General Hospital has established staffing application portals for doctors, RN and nurse practitioners, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, social workers, and other positions. Individuals with clinical training and experience are encouraged to apply by visiting

The Alternative Care Site at UMass Lowell was initially set up in just a week’s time in mid-April, when Lowell General was caring for patients at the height of the pandemic’s first wave. The site was designed to accommodate recovering patients who were approaching discharge if additional inpatient hospital capacity was needed.

While the additional capacity was ultimately not needed and the site was returned to the university about one month later, it is being recommissioned to prepare for the potential of similar capacity challenges from rising COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks.

“Preparation has played a critical role in our ability to respond to this public health crisis, and this step will ensure we will be prepared for whatever comes our way in the coming weeks,” said Jody White, President and CEO of Lowell General Hospital and Circle Health. “We are grateful to UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney and her staff for their partnership and support as we work to care for this community.”

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