Advanced robotic system gives surgeons pinpoint control

Lowell General is now the only community hospital in the Merrimack Valley that has equipped its surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures with the most advanced robotic surgical system available today – the Da Vinci Xi.

The state-of-the-art Xi robot replaces the DaVinci Si, and provides the latest technology that allows for pinpoint control during general surgery, gynecology, urology, thoracic, colorectal and other procedures. Lowell General and its team of surgeons are already recognized as a Center of Excellence for Robotic Surgery by the Surgical Review Corporation.

Dr. David Earle and the Operating Room team completed the first surgery on the new DaVinci Xi robotic surgical system on Tuesday, August 24.

Da Vinci Xi OR team
Pictured from left: Josh Lessard, Surgical Tech; Kathy Joynt, RN; Kim Reno, Surgical Tech, First Assistant; Ryan Rose, Intuitive Representative, before the start of the first surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery enhances a surgeons' skill with computer technology, enabling them to see vital anatomical structures more clearly and perform surgical procedures more precisely.  Instrumentation controlled remotely by the surgeon allows for complex procedures to be performed through tiny incisions that eliminate the need for large incisions. High definition, three-dimensional vision offers surgeons visualization far superior to that of the human eye.

These minimally-invasive procedures provide patients with faster recovery times, less pain and blood loss, and reduced chance of infection or complication compared to “open” procedures that require a large incision.

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