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2019 Greater Lowell Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years Lowell General Hospital, the Greater Lowell Health Alliance, and the University of Massachusetts Lowell collaborate to create the Greater Lowell Community Health Needs Assessment. The needs assessment analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of health services in the area, identifies barriers accessing health services, and provides recommendations. Surveys, key informant interviews, and listening sessions were conducted to collect health-related data. 
Based on the results, the top priority health issues in Greater Lowell include:
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Substance Use/Alcohol Disorder
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Infectious Diseases

After the data is summarized, recommendations are developed for each health issue. These recommendations are used to improve the health of the residents. 

To view the full document, please click 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment.

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