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Lunch and Learn with "Brown Bag Goes Red"

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Presented by Lowell General Hospital and the American Heart Association, this program provides the facts and tools women or men need to make better decisions about their own heart health and the heart health of their families. This series is led by Kathy Laferriere, RN, BSN, CCRN, a cardiac nurse and educator with more than 28 years of experience at Lowell General Hospital. She speaks about risk factors for heart disease, tips to reduce your risk factors and the importance of knowing your health numbers.

Listen to what Kathy has to say about the program, heart disease and its warning signs, in this AHA video.

If you're interested in bringing this free education and awareness program to your organization to encourage your employees, members, clients and customers to learn how to reduce their risk for heart disease, contact Laura Woodward Liston at 508-935-3941.  

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