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Quit Smoking for Your Baby (Online)

Quit Smoking for Your Baby (Online)


Did you know that smoking can cause low birth weight, asthma and other respiratory complications in infants and children?

Expectant women are generally made aware of the dangers of smoking during pregnancy, but fewer parents are provided with information on the harmful effects of secondhand smoke for their babies and all of their children. Although many women quit smoking while pregnant, more than half fall back into the habit within six months after delivery.

This webinar is specifically designed for pregnant women, their partners, and families, to provide you with facts, not opinions, about the dangers of smoking while pregnant and even after the baby is born. We will provide you with information on:

  • The harmful effects of tobacco to the newborn and the importance of prenatal care
  • The dangers of secondhand smoke
  • The importance of having everyone in the family quit
  • Developing a quit plan
  • Alternatives to deal with stress once the baby is born and how to avoid relapse
  • Tobacco cessation information and support programs

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