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2018-19 Infection Prevention

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Acupuncture and Pain Management

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Update

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Antibiotic Stewardship

Anticoagulation Reversal

Anxiety, Depression, Suicide in Youth - Risk Credit

Autism and Polypharmacy

Back Pain Neuroscience

Cancer Hypercoagulation Venous Thrombosis

Caring for LGBTQ Youth - Risk Credit

Celiac Disease

Cervical Nodes

Chronic Kidney Disease

Community Health Improvement Plan     

Congestive Heart Failure: Best Practices

Concussion Management - Risk Credit

COPD: Impacting Hospital Readmission

CPC: A Medical Brain Teaser

Delirium and Agitation in Elders

Diabetic Foot Infections: A MDC Approach

Domestic Violence

Effective Smoking Cessation

Esophagael Disorders

GERD New Advances at LGH

Gout Update

HIV PrEP Update - Risk Credit 


LGBT Community: A Physician's Primer - Risk Credit


LGH STROKE Education – Risk Credit


Lipids:  The Latest Lowdown

Liver Disease:  Pulmonary Vascular Complications

Lung Transplant: End Stage Options

Lymphoma Update

Medical Marijuana:  A Scientific Assessment


Parkinson's: An Overview and What's New

Pediatric Dermatology

Pediatric Headaches

Pediatric Lyme Disease

Pediatric Medical Marijuana

Pediatric Obesity

Pediatric Sexuality and Sex Change

Perinatal Depression

Persistent Asthma

PD-L1 Pathway: Cancer and the Immune Response

Peripheral Vascular Disease – Risk Credit

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Probiotics: Myths from Realities

Sleep Disorders

Social Media: Valuable Tool for Medical Profession - Risk Credit

Spinal Radiculopathy

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy:  Primer for Non Oncologists

Stroke 2018 Update     

Surviving Sepsis

Tuberculosis: Is it Still the White Plague? – Risk Credit

Thyroid Cancer Update

Uncomplicated Low Back Pain

Update on Diabetes

Update on Lyme Disease

Update on Multiple Sclerosis

Update on STDs - Risk Credit

Venous Thromboembolism

Voiding Dysfunction and urethral Stricture Disease

Why Do Patients Come to ER?

Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Wound Incision Care and Treatment

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