February 2020 Star Performer

Imelda Arroco

Imelda Arroco

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Pharmacy Technician


  • Circle Health Pharmacy

“Imelda not only remembers everyone’s name and medications, but anticipates the need for a new prescription before a refill is needed,” says Pharmacy Manager Deb Black-Pisick of February’s Star Performer Imelda Arroco. “She has both the knowledge to perform her duties with perfection, and the kindest personality you will ever meet.”

Imelda is a Pharmacy Technician at the Circle Health Pharmacy. She has worked for Lowell General Hospital since 2011.

“When I think about Imelda there is one very big thing that comes to mind – positivity,” says Pharmacy Tech Supervisor Kim Hapenny. “It is all of the everyday little encounters or interactions with Imelda that make her stand out. She uses every opportunity to look on the bright side of things. You can’t help but smile when she is around. Her positivity is contagious.”

Pharmacist Lead Chang Suh adds, “Imelda takes time to get to know all of the patients’ names and their family members. She takes ownership of her job duties, always completes tasks that are given to her, and does more than what she is asked to do.”

“I needed a refill on my son’s medication but the prescription had expired,” shares Aziza Gilligan, Pharmacy Manager. “Imelda called the doctor’s office to get a new prescription and had it filled and delivered to me all on the same day. She really cares and makes you feel like whatever she does is just her job, even though she is really going above and beyond.”

“I have been working with Imelda for over five years and I appreciate her every day. She provides excellent quality work, takes pride in her job and it shows,” says Chang. “Imelda is so happy to be part of the Circle Health family and always does extra to provide great service to all of our patients.”

Imelda lives in Lowell. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Her daughter is currently in her fourth year of studies to be a pharmacist. “I must have made a good impression with how much I love my job,” says Imelda.

Congratulations Imelda! You're a star!

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