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March 2019 Star Performer

Alexandra Beliveau RN

Alexandra Beliveau

Roles & Responsibilities

  • RN


  • Reilly 4

“Alex is upbeat and positive, greets everyone enthusiastically and welcomes everyone into her circle,” says Deborah Staniewicz, Clinical Manager, of March’s Star Performer, Alexandra Beliveau. “She is interested in educating others and takes the time to ensure everyone has a great experience. Many of our nursing students bring forward positive comments about Alex, and often say they want to be just like her.”

Alex has worked as a Registered Nurse at Lowell General Hospital since 2016. She says that she always wanted to be a nurse because she grew up hearing stories of how nurses supported her family and helped to save her life when she faced a heart condition as a child. “I’ve always wanted to be that for someone else,” says Alex. “The person that a patient can lean on and know that they are cared for. It is nice to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.”

“Alex is a strong advocate who will do anything for her patients. When patients are in pain, Alex is sympathetic and works with them to try to overcome obstacles that may interfere with their healing,” adds Deborah. “She has good communication with other departments about what she feels will best help her patients. Her name is mentioned often on our patient satisfaction surveys and she receives frequent compliments during calls with the follow-up nurse.”

“When patients have questions, Alex will take whatever time is necessary to ensure they have the information they need,” says Deborah. “She does this in such a way that the patients feel well cared for, know they have an advocate, and are not afraid to ask their questions.”

Deborah says that Alex has received many Spotlight on You recognitions for her work, and that she also has completed many recognitions for others so that her coworkers know they are appreciated.

Alex lives in North Andover with her husband, Shawn, and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Nursing Administration at Rivier University. A new puppy, who they plan to name Odis, will be joining them soon. Outside of work Alex enjoys reading and painting.

Congratulations Alexandra! You're a star!

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