August 2019 Star Performer

Lucy Eng

Lucy Eng

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Radiology Coordinator


  • Radiology

“Lucy always has a smile on her face and demonstrates initiative and flexibility in responding to requests for her services and assistance,” says Mickey Martinez, Imaging Services Manager, of August’s Star Performer, Lucy Eng. “Lucy is a vital resource. She has a great rapport with staff and is willing to assist with anything asked.”

Lucy has worked as the Radiology Coordinator at Lowell General Hospital for nine years. She organizes, produces and maintains radiology operational data and statistics, and supports many other departmental activities.

Karen Brunelle, Clinical Leader of Imaging Services, says, “Lucy is a team player and demonstrates a professional and courteous attitude toward her coworkers. She can always be counted on for her loyalty and dedication to the department and our organization.”

“Lucy has become the go-to person to assist with statistical projects,” adds Mickey. “She will take raw data and use her considerable Excel skills to turn it into usable information, adding charts and graphs as needed.”

Mickey says, “Lucy’s organizational skills are extraordinary. She is modest about her talents, and is always willing to take on additional responsibilities and help out wherever she can.”

“Lucy’s work is produced in a timely manner, is extremely accurate, well-presented and organized, and she is always responsive to any request,” says Mickey. “She has elevated the data presentation of the department, supplying trending information such as volume statistics from the offsite locations, and has assisted in performance improvement projects to distill data down to readable formats.”

Lucy lives in Lowell with her husband Chuck and daughters Bella and Emma. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, snowboarding, bike riding, soccer, traveling, relaxing at the beach, and watching the Patriots.

Congratulations Lucy! You're a star!

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