Cupola Award

2019 Cupola Award Recipients

2019 - Cupola Award Recipients
From left: Paulette Vieira, Clinical Manager of the Emergency Department at the main campus, Eli Florentino, Clinical Manager of Sterile Processing, Jody White, President and CEO of Circle Health and Lowell General Hospital, Matt Reid, Clinical Manager of M3, and Vanessa Rivera, Customer Service Supervisor of the Service Response Center.

Each year, Lowell General Hospital employees nominate managers and supervisors for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the organization. The Rewards and Recognition Council vote for the year’s Cupola Award recipients based on the nominees’ abilities to meet the hospital’s Standards of Performance and the dimensions of Complete connected care through personal stories or specific actions shared by the nominees’ team.

We are proud to announce this year’s Cupola Award recipients: Paulette Vieira, Clinical Manager of the Emergency Department at the main campus; Eli Florentino, Clinical Manager of Sterile Processing; Matt Reid, Clinical Manager of M3; and Vanessa Rivera, Customer Service Supervisor of the Service Response Center.

Here is a closer look at the winners:

Paulette Vieira, Clinical Manager of the Emergency Department at the main campus

Paulette has been with Lowell General Hospital since 2015, and she obtained her MBA as well as her national certification as a nurse executive earlier this year. Paulette’s staff says that she created a work environment of open communication for her team and encourages them to support one another. Her staff says that she has transformed the department through a culture of caring and change. With an open and honest personality, Paulette has been able to effectively engage her staff through a team approach.

Staff says that Paulette is a caring and selfless leader with a true passion for others. She is known for taking a genuine interest in their careers, mentoring her team to push themselves and continue their professional growth. She asks where they want their career to be and explains how she can help them achieve their goals. While she maintains her professionalism at all times, her staff says that it never takes away from the genuine care and respect for both staff and patients. Staff says that she takes the extra time needed to really hear the concerns, and then make sure to take whatever action is needed to resolve any issue.

Paulette is committed to her team and constantly reminds them why they are here – encouraging them to “pull to full” to ensure that patients are seen and cared for in a timely and compassionate manner. She is also always looking for ways to improve processes and is frequently asking staff for input on ways to make this a better hospital for our patients. One staff member commented, “Paulette makes me feel like I can make a difference at our hospital because she truly believes that I can.”

The department has seen a dramatic rise in the Clinical Excellence and a decrease in staff attrition since Paulette joined the team as the Clinical Manager. She focuses on each team member as an individual with her/his own set of needs, which allows the staff to feel valued and heard. One of her staff members said, “if the success of a leader is to be measured by the success of others, just take a look around you. The ED has grown and is blossoming in front of your eyes [thanks to Paulette].”

Eli Florentino, Clinical Manager of Sterile Processing

Eli has been with Lowell General Hospital for nearly two years, overseeing sterile processing at our three campuses. In that time, his staff says that Eli not only managed to improve the department’s work flow and production, but also strengthened the confidence and teamwork of employees.

His staff says Eli is always looking for new ways to improve our processes that would be valuable and helpful to his staff and improve efficiencies for the hospital. One of the biggest changes Eli made was implementing a tracking system for the sterile processing department and the OR, which improved the accuracy and provided information on instruments and kits.

The staff shares that Eli frequently introduces them to new information and expands everyone’s knowledge regarding the sterile field. He visits all the sites on a regular basis and makes sure that he is always accessible to his team. Eli is known for being patient and a great listener.

Eli takes time to include his staff in decision-making by listening to their thoughts and opinions, always letting his staff know that their input matters. His staff note that Eli is their biggest advocate and will never hesitate to step in and help out.

His team says Eli is dedicated to his work and is an exceptional leader, which makes it easy to follow and work alongside him. One staff member says that she is thrilled to be able to have Eli as a mentor.

Matt Reid, Clinical Manager of M3

Matt has been with Lowell General Hospital for four years. He is the clinical manager for M3, but also oversaw the ICU and D4 during their transitions earlier this year. Matt’s staff describe him as trustworthy, kind, compassionate, positive and innovative. They say he talks with excitement and energy, and that he has so much charisma and love for the profession.

Several different staff also commented on Matt’s ability to truly listen to them and care about what they have to say. Matt pays attention to what his staff is sharing with him and makes them feel heard. They say that he gives them the opportunity to have ownership over their own work and encourages independence. Matt also uses encouraging words and turns mishaps into learning experiences.

Matt continually thanks his staff and is the first person to recognize them for a job well done. He has great ideas and is not afraid to share them with staff and ask for honest feedback. His staff say that Matt trusts them – asking them questions and seeking ideas for problem solving.

Matt strives to improve nursing care for our patients – how together his team can make the floor run better and more effective. During his daily staff huddles, he is always asking them how their team can make a great day better. His staff say, “Matt leads greatly. He gives 100% of himself, which makes us want to give 100% of ourselves. We work hard because he does.”

Vanessa Rivera, Customer Service Supervisor of the Service Response Center

Vanessa has been with Lowell General Hospital for 14 years. Vanessa is described by her staff as being a fair, trustworthy, calm, dedicated and positive leader that truly cares about her team. Vanessa encourages her staff to openly communicate with her and each other on a daily basis, which lends to a positive work environment. Whenever the staff is busy or if someone is having rough day, Vanessa never fails to surprise the team with a treat to show them how much she appreciates their hard work.

Vanessa’s staff says that she always follows up with them after any training to ensure they understand the content and the purpose of the training in the larger picture. They say that Vanessa is always willing to step in and help out. She will often visit patients when they need assistance ordering to help alleviate the workload for the nursing team. She does this without complaint, including delivering meals or equipment items for patients.

Vanessa thinks about the patients first and does everything she can to ensure they are truly having the best experience they can during their interactions with our team. Her team says that Vanessa deeply cares for each and every patient. She even pulls monthly metrics and shares them with staff, seeking staff input on how the team can improve to be able to offer the best service to patients and visitors. Staff says, “Vanessa strives for excellence not only within our department, but within herself as well.”

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