Cupola Award

2018 Cupola Award Recipients

2018 - Cupola Award Recipients

Cupola Award recipients honored for leadership and contributions to hospital

Each year, Lowell General Hospital employees nominate managers and supervisors for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the organization. The Rewards and Recognition Council vote for the year’s Cupola Award recipients based on the nominees’ abilities to meet the hospital’s Standards of Performance and the dimensions of Complete connected care through personal stories or specific actions shared by the nominees’ team.

We are proud to announce this year’s Cupola Award recipients: Deb Destrempe, Practice Supervisor at Merrimack Valley Cardiology; Laura Federico, Clinical Manager of Mother Infant Unit, Special Care Nursery and Lactation Services; and David Hall, Senior Manager of Philanthropy, Volunteer and Concierge Services.

Here is a closer look at the winners:

Debra (Deb) Destrempe, Practice Supervisor at Merrimack Valley Cardiology

Deb has been with Lowell General Hospital for seven years. Deb’s abilities developed over the years as the needs of the group changed, and she is now the go-to person for everything in the office. She is a dedicated leader with a positive attitude and is the backbone and glue of the office. She provides her team with the tools to effectively put patients first. Deb is organized, decisive and helpful, and is willing to teach, problem solve and support her team while never becoming overwhelmed or judgmental. She is respected by all staff and they do not hesitate to go to her when they need help.

Deb wears many hats in her position, and she will find an answer to any question. She is a terrific leader and role model who has a great work ethic. She loves her job and it shows. Deb always has a smile on her face and has the ability to remain levelheaded no matter what happens each day. She is constantly looking for ways to communicate with her staff in a positive way and in a way that motivates them to strive for excellence. Her staff says that they can go to Deb for absolutely anything, and that they “would be completely lost without her.”

Laura Federico, Clinical Manager of Mother Infant Unit, Special Care Nursery and Lactation Services

Laura has been with Lowell General Hospital for almost 14 years. When Laura began her role, she took the time to meet with each employee on the team one-on-one to get to know them and learn how to best strengthen the department based on individual and unit needs. She is very visible and an advocate for the needs identified by her staff, and she never hesitates to step in and create positive change. She is an inspiration and encourages her team to work to the best of their potential. Laura is a dedicated leader, with a positive and compassionate, yet straightforward approach. She is a champion for progressive and innovative practice especially when it involves improvement in patient care.

Laura has a strong sense of community and works hard at putting programs in place to support patients and families, such as the Safe Sleep Initiative and initiating a policy to streamline postpartum care allowing moms and babies to room in and remain together on our Pediatrics Unit. She places high standards on herself, encourages staff to pursue their professional goals, leads by example and is committed to her staff. One of her staff members said, “Laura is one of those exceptional leaders that not only makes a difference every day throughout the hospital, but in the community as well.”

David Hall, Senior Manager of Philanthropy, Volunteer and Concierge Services

David has been with Lowell General Hospital for more than six years. David always makes sure his team knows how much he appreciates them and how important they are to the hospital. His staff says that he “is our biggest cheerleader.” He is friendly, personable, patient and a great listener. He works hard to increase the two-way communication within the department, responding immediately to the simplest staff requests and treating them with the utmost importance. David is constantly looking for new ways to improve and asks staff for input. He worked to implement the new Spotlight on You program to allow our volunteers to be recognized just like our staff. He is a team player and there is nothing that he will ask of one of his staff members that he will not do himself.

David is interested in helping his team grow professionally and they say that they look forward to learning as much as they can from his leadership. David truly cares about his staff – many of them mentioned that he makes his team feel important, encouraged, appreciated and supported in the work environment he has created for them. His team members say that David “sets a wonderful example for all of us to follow” and that he is “a person of the highest integrity” and a “great asset to our department.”

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