Cupola Award

2016 Cupola Award Recipients

2016 - Cupola Award Recipients

Congratulations to Lowell General Hospital's 2016 Cupola Award Recipients!

Every year, Lowell General Hospital employees nominate managers and supervisors for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the organization. The Rewards and Recognition Council vote for the year’s Cupola Award recipients based on the nominees’ abilities to meet the hospital’s Standards of Performance and the dimensions of Complete connected care through personal stories or specific actions shared by the nominees’ team.

We are proud to announce this year’s Cupola Award recipients:

  • Lynne Baril, office manager, WomanHealth
  • Mary Nigrelli, operations manager, Health Information Management
  • Angel Santana, manager, Information Services, Clinician Concierge Team
  • Barbara Viens, orthopedic service line manager, M3 Department

Here is a closer look at the winners:

Lynne Baril, office manager, WomanHealth

Lynne has been with Lowell General Hospital for five years. Lynne is described by her team as positive, approachable, supportive, calm, trustworthy, patient, and extremely thoughtful. She will always let her team know how much she appreciates them and will consistently thank each and every individual for all of their hard work. Through a kind smile and the smallest of gestures, Lynne can easily cheer the office up and raise team morale on days it may be lower than usual. She lets her staff know that their opinions are valued and will always take the time to listen to her employee’s ideas about improving patient satisfaction and increasing efficiencies with work flow in day-to-day tasks. Though Lynne is a manager, she does not let this title stop her from jumping in and helping out the department wherever needed, including checking patients in at the reception desk. She is a true team player. William J. Galvin, MD says, “She embodies everything that Lowell General strives to see in its employees; loyalty, hard work, professionalism, dedication to patients, and a willingness to do anything and everything for both patients and her staff.” She has transformed her team from fellow staff members into a family where everyone is happy to come into work each and every day.

Mary Nigrelli, operations manager, Health Information Management

Mary has been working at Lowell General Hospital for over 31 years. Mary’s management, professionalism, and interpersonal skills provide her team with an excellent leader to guide them. She is committed to serving clients and putting patients first in everything she does. She will seek out answers for clients or redirect them to where they can be best be assisted and will often work late hours to accomodate patients. Whether it is to lend an ear, a helping hand, or a shoulder to lean on, Mary is always there for her staff. She keeps communication with her staff open and welcomes them to voice their opinions. She fosters a positive work environment where employees feel that their contributions hold great value. Mary will listen to her staff, encourage teamwork in finding solutions, and will always check up on them along the way. She acknowledges all of her team’s efforts and really showcases what great teamwork is all about. Mary is described by her team as an inspiration to all. They feel that she is an outstanding leader and that they are really lucky to have her. 

Angel Santana, manager, Information Services, Clinician Concierge

Angel has been an employee of Lowell General Hospital for eight years and of Cerner for four. Angel’s core mission is to “provide the best possible system for providers to make the best possible decisions to deliver the best possible care to our patients.” Through his leadership and committment, he inspires his team to make his mission their own. Angel is always open to input and is willing to hear his team’s ideas while providing honest feedback to help foster improvement. He has created a secure work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. He consistently offers sincere expressions of gratitude to his team for all of their contributions. Taking responsibility and getting the job done are hallmarks of Angel’s leadership style. If an individual drops the ball, Angel accepts that it was “we” that dropped the ball and that “we” need to work together to fix it. He challenges his team to work together and go beyond what they think their capabilities are. He encourages them to grow both personally and professionally. Angel’s enthusiasm and passion to help make positive changes for his team members, department, and Lowell General as a whole are contagious to those around him.

Barbara Viens, orthopedic service line manager, M3 Department

Barbara has been with Lowell General Hospital for 10 years. Barbara is described by her colleagues as a great mentor, colleague, and professional to work with. She displays phenomenal leadership skills at all times. She demands the best from her employees and is always ready to celebrate an achievement. Barbara is always trying to improve on what’s best for patients. She will ask patients if anything could be done better and will create actionable responses from these encounters. She cares deeply for patients as well as employees. She always has her staff’s best interest in mind and genuinely wants to see them succeed. Barbara will work with everyone on an individual basis to make sure that they are working within an area or specific specialty that they enjoy. She truly wants for employees to be happy and stresses putting the right person in the right position. Barbara’s team is proud to learn and work alongside such a fearless leader and cannot wait to see what new accomplishments they can achieve together. 

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