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Connecting me to urgent care I can trust

Connecting me to urgent care I can trust

When life takes an unexpected turn, don't trust your care with just anyone. Choose the only urgent care centers backed by Circle Health and Lowell General Hospital.

Urgent Care

Clinical Services & Programs

Services Provided

  • Physicians specializing in emergency medicine and primary care
  • Coordinated follow-up with PCP, and specialists if needed
  • Prescriptions for medication if needed
  • Testing for such issues as strep throat, pregnancy or diabetes

Conditions Treated

Allergies, rash or hives



Dressing changes



Glucose and diabetes

Minor Burns

Minor eye injuries or irritations


Muscle aches and pains


Routine gynecological problems

Serious cuts and scrapes

Severe colds, flu, bronchitis or sinus infections

Sore throat

Sports injuries


Stings and bites

Strep throat

Urinary tract infections


Workplace injuries

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