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Connecting me to therapy that gets me back on my feet

Connecting me to therapy that gets me back on my feet

Comprehensive treatment plans to support recovery and healing

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Lowell General Hospital offers a full spectrum of rehabilitation services to meet the needs of our patients.  Our experienced staff of trained and licensed therapists and assistants is here to help with conditions that may impair your ability to move, carry out activities of daily living, communicate or swallow. These impairments may be the result of injuries, neurological disease, surgery, orthopedic problems or cancer.

Our staff works closely with you to evaluate your condition and develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan to promote your recovery.

Conditions Treated



Cardiovascular / Pulmonary dysfunction


Gait/balance disorders

Head Injury

Infant torticollis

Joint replacements


Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle or joint sprains or strains

Neurological Diseases

Parkinson's disease

Sports injuries


Women's Health

Work-related Injuries


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