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Maternity Services

Visitation and Video Recording Policies

Visitation Policy

Maternal Child Health Visitation:
Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) precautions, our Special Care Nursery, Pediatric Unit, Labor and Delivery and Post-Partum Units although open 24/7 to one support person in L&D/Post-Partum or parents of hospitalized infant(s)/children, the one visitor/support person is strongly encouraged not to leave the hospital. If the visitor/support person needs to leave due to an emergency, their return must be approved by the unit manager or director. For Special Care Nursery and Pediatrics – the staff from those units will review the policy at the time of admission.

Visitors are not allowed if they have a cold, flu, or fever, or if they were recently exposed to a contagious disease.

Video Recording Policy

For the protection and privacy of our patients and staff, we allow videotaping and still photography during labor and delivery with the following restrictions:

  • During the second stage of labor (full dilation) until after delivery of the baby, with permission from the obstetrical care provider and nursing staff.
  • In the operating room during a cesarean section with permission from your delivery care team, including the anesthesia care provider, obstetrical care provider, pediatric care provider, and nursing staff.
  • Outside the patient’s room with consent of the nursing and support personnel to ensure area is clear of other patients.
  • Please note: These devices may be used before and after the delivery of the infant with the expressed consent of all those being taped and/or photographed, including all Lowell General staff and physicians.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, feel free to ask your delivery care team.

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