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Heart and Vascular Center

Your Care Team

You can expect to be seen by top cardiac specialists, nurses, and caregivers. This is where compassionate people, years of experience, breakthrough new treatments, and personalized care plans all come together to help you stay healthy.

Providing renowned Cardiac Care is more than having equipment or a few doctors, it is having the support and collaboration of a team of highly trained medical specialists, nurses, technologists, and clinical staff working together, across departments and at every step of the way.

Whether you begin cardiac care as a patient coming to the emergency room or whether your primary care doctor recommends that you have a heart monitor test, your care will be provided by those who are trained in cardiac care and critical care services.

Meet Our Cardiology Team

Several doctors work together along the way to diagnose and treat a suspected heart condition. This team which will likely include your primary care physician, or an emergency room doctor, a cardiologist, and radiologist all work together to determine the source of your trouble and find the best solution to fix it.

Kirk MacNaught

Kirk J. MacNaught MD, FACC

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin R. Smith MD, FACC

Vascular Surgeons

Clinical Leadership

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