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Connecting me to Convenient immunization and treatment services

Connecting me to Convenient immunization and treatment services

For a current list of vaccinations provided at our Center, view our Immunization Card.

In addition, the Chest and Immunization Center offers treatment for non-infectious, non-contagious (latent) tuberculosis (TB). Our center is staffed by a board-certified pulmonologist and nurses with extensive experience treating latent TB, and provides patients with education and testing to manage their disease.


We offer vaccinations recommended for children over five years of age, teens and adults, including:

ActHIB - Haemophilus B

Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis combination vaccines, including — Tdap and DTaP, Tetanus (Td) vaccine

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccine

HPV Gardasil

Influenza vaccine

Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR) combination vaccine

Meningococcal vaccine

Meningococcal Group B vaccine

Pneumococcal (PPSV23) vaccine

Pneumococcal (PREVNAR13) vaccine

Polio vaccine

PPD (TB Skin Test)

Rabies Pre-exposure

Shingles vaccine

Varicella (Chickenpox vaccine)

Chest Center Services

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