Cancer Center

Integrative Therapies

Cancer Center Integrative Therapies

At Lowell General Hospital’s Cancer Center, we understand having cancer and undergoing treatment not only causes physical discomfort, but brings emotional stress and anxiety. As you go through your journey toward healing, we offer support through several forms of therapy for your mind and body.

Our integrative approach is aimed to treat the whole person during their cancer care. Cancer patients can enhance their quality of life and well-being through integrative therapies such as pet therapy, acupuncture, and making healthy life changes. These programs promote psychological well-being by reducing pain, stress, and anxiety caused by their cancer treatment.

Our Cancer Center uses evidence-based, complementary therapies in the areas of:

  • Integrative Therapies for symptom management and physical well-being
  • Education such as healthy eating, mindfulness practices, and exercise
  • Expressive Therapies for processing and releasing emotions
  • Support groups & Counseling to help patients and their caregivers find strength and learn from experiences of others

Meet the Integrative Therapies TeamFor class descriptions and calendar of events click here: Cancer Center Integrative Therapies & Events

We are continually looking to enhance our therapy and wellness programs to offer comprehensive support services for our patients. Please check back with us to see our latest offerings.

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