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After Weight Loss Surgery, Nashua Man has New Lease on Life Scott Rossi from Nashua Chose Gastric Bypass

Scott Rossi before & after

“The surgery saved my life”

Scott Rossi believes had he never walked into the Center for Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery at Lowell General Hospital, his life would not only be very different – he might not be here at all.

Rossi, 49, of Nashua, N.H., was overweight most of his life. As his weight grew, he tried programs like Weight Watchers® and had some success, only to see that progress slip away and result in even more weight gain. 

As time went on, he stopped doing many of the things he loved. He used to go to Red Sox games, but found he couldn’t fit in the seats. He stopped taking vacations.

“I was tired all the time, and all the basic parts of everyday life were a chore,” he says. 

Health complications followed. He developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. But even with his health declining, he initially put off having the surgery that would change his life.

In 2015, Rossi was 415 pounds, and says he ran out of excuses; in April of that year, he underwent gastric bypass surgery. By the next day, he was taken off his diabetes and blood pressure medications. With food no longer a fixation, he found a new passion – walking and working out.

Meanwhile, the surgery helped him eat smaller portions, and he started to make better food choices. Cooking has become another new hobby. And the weight started melting away.

Today, he weighs 230 pounds and takes regular walks with his terrier, Nugget. This year, he ran his first 5K. One of his new goals is to attempt an obstacle course challenge like a Spartan Race. And he hopes to be back in the stands at Fenway this summer.

Meanwhile, his relationship with the Center for Weight Management continues with regular strength classes and support groups, where he can share his experience with those considering a similar path.

When extolling the virtues of bariatric surgery, he speaks in no uncertain terms. “The surgery saved my life,” he says.

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