Nursing Excellence

Nursing Professional Development

We are pleased to offer our clinical team ongoing professional development opportunities within Tufts Medicine Lowell General Hospital.

  • The Preceptor Recognition Program supports and recognizes the nursing preceptor, provides formal structured support for preceptee, and fosters an environment that supports nursing retention for all nursing staff. 
  • The Professional Excellence in Nursing “PEN” Program at Lowell General Hospital is guided by our mission, vision, core values and promise to our community; our Professional Practice Model and the ANCC Magnet® recognition program. This program seeks to recognize our direct patient care nurses seeking advancement opportunities within their current role.
  • The Graduate RN Residency Program at Lowell General Hospital is a full year, immersive experience that challenges our residents to be the best version of themselves. Learn more about this program. 

Shared Governance Councils

The councils identified within the shared governance structure are accountable for the operations and collaboration of all nursing staff in all areas where nursing care is practiced. The councils are a forum for decision making within the nursing organization and are accountable for the process and outcome of all issues related to nursing practice, management, quality, research and education. Decision at the council level is achieved through consensus. Each council is defined by the bylaws established within the professional model of care.

Our model allows for collaboration and integration of nursing practice at Lowell General Hospital. Each council is decentralized, yet has an interdependent function within the whole. Our councils include:

  • Coordinating Council
  • Nursing Practice Council
  • Professional Development Council
  • Retention and Recognition Council
  • Nursing Informatics Council
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Research Council
  • Clinical Manager Council

The shared governance structure and process has improved professional collaboration and collegiality. It has brought forth autonomy, empowerment, retention, and satisfaction. At Lowell General Hospital we believe that shared governance is a journey, not a destination, as is evidenced by our continued growth as we evolve to a process that serves as a renewal and revitalization for the nursing profession.

Our Shared Governance Model is built on the premise of teams coming together to create and implement actions toward desired outcomes that result in superior patient outcomes. Nurses from all areas expand their awareness, broaden their knowledge and enhance their ability to make the best decisions for their patients and their families.

Keeping You Connected!

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