Lowell General Hospital PFAC

Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) FAQs

A Patient Family Advisory Council is composed of volunteer patient and family advisers, as well as clinicians and administrators. Its purpose is to strengthen collaboration between patients and family members and the health care team and enhance our ability to deliver the highest standard of safe, comprehensive and compassionate health care.

Please click here to view a list of our Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Members.

These Councils can offer insight and recommendations for improving quality, service, safety, access, education, patient and family satisfaction and loyalty.

We are seeking individuals who represent a cross-section of our community and who have chosen Lowell General Hospital for their healthcare needs either as an inpatient, an outpatient or both. Family members are equally welcome as they offer another important perspective. We are accepting applications for additional Council members. Interested community members will be required to complete an application and interview for a seat on the Council.


We will meet six times a year.

Members may:

  • Present how patients and families might feel and think about issues concerning quality, program development, service excellence, communications, patient safety, facility design, patient and family education, staff orientation and education and patient/family satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Assist in developing a better understanding of patient and family needs and expectations;
  • Recommend refinements to operations, policies and/or procedures;
  • Review selected communication materials to help enhance them from the patient and family perspective making them more understandable and user friendly;
  • Review patient satisfaction survey results and make recommendation for addressing concerns identified;
  • Identify structural and cultural barriers to patients obtaining health care services and recommend strategies to overcome these;
  • Act as a sounding board for new (existing) services, policies, health related programs, communications, and business strategies;
  • Identify issues and opportunities for consideration;
  • Consider matters referred to them by other Lowell General Hospital Councils and Committees.


We invite you to consider becoming a member of the Lowell General Hospital Patient Family Advisory Council. Email us to learn more.

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