Cambodian Sister Hospital Program

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The city of Lowell is home to more than 13,000 Cambodians, the second-most of any city in America. At Lowell General Hospital, these individuals aren’t just our patients, they are also members of our staff, and we have a vested interest in understanding their unique culture and healthcare needs. 

In 2014, Lowell General Hospital physician Dr. Milton Drake and his wife Debbie began a “sister hospital” program to assist healthcare facilities in Cambodia run by the charitable organization Hope Worldwide. These hospitals fill an important gap for the poor by providing access to patients who cannot pay for their care.  

In 2019, Lowell General reinforced its commitment, sending hospital leaders and physicians to provide medical supplies and graduated the first group of Cambodian physicians after successfully completing their 3-year emergency point of care ultrasound training.  An ultrasound machine was provided by Lowell General Hospital as part of this training commitment at the inception of the program 

Now under the shared leadership of Dr. Rothsovann Yong-Te, a Lowell General emergency and disaster medicine physician and a native of Cambodia, and close collaboration with Lowell General CMO, Dr. William Galvin, we are recruiting a new team of medical professionals for an unforgettable trip to provide more equipment and training, and treat patients in need. 

Who we help 

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital 

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The Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital (SKMH) is a non-profit charity hospital and training center in Kampot that delivers high-quality, patient-centered care, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Sonja Kill cares for people of all ages, with a focus on children and expectant mothers. Poor families are treated for free, while patients who can financially contribute to their medical care pay a fee.   

SKMH is one of just a few post-graduate training centers in Cambodia. As part of their continued commitment to innovation, the hospital is actively developing a laparoscopic and gastroenterology program to meet a new growing demand for such specialty services that are otherwise only available 3 hours away in the nation's capital or out of the country. 

The Lake Clinic 

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The Lake Clinic is a project dedicated to bringing free health services, disease surveillance and proper medical referrals to a severely isolated and underserved region of Cambodia – the Tonle Sap. The clinic provides these floating communities with adult and pediatric primary care, vaccinations, dental services, eye care services, antenatal care, health education, and referral, with transportation as needed, to the hospital. The Lake Clinic is the only medical care available to the floating communities on the lake. 

Get involved

The Cambodian Sister Hospital Program is planning its next trip to provide equipment and training. We are looking for physicians and other medical professionals willing to dedicate 2-3 weeks to working alongside Cambodian colleagues to help these hospitals and their patients.  

Trips are scheduled for every March and November. Any Lowell General clinical staff member in good standing may apply. 

If you would like more information, e-mail

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