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Surgical Teams

If you've ever seen an operating room, you know that there are many people doing many different jobs. Surgery is performed by specialized teams of surgeons, perioperative nurses and anesthesiologists.

Surgeons are doctors who have trained in a particular aspect of surgery and have credentials and certifications to perform many types of procedures in their specialty. These surgeons work closely with their clinical support team to smoothly complete each surgery and have the resources around them as needed. They lead the procedure and the OR team.

The surgical nurses Lowell General Hospital are among the most highly trained at any community hospital, receiving intensive training in their specialty area. They are there to care for the patient, provide the surgeon with the tools needed throughout the procedure, and assist the surgeon as needed. Additionally, post-anesthesia care nurses are available after surgery to assist in pain management after surgery.

Surgeon have the support of an RNFA (registered nurse first assist) or a surgical first assistant who has experience and training in advanced surgical assisting skills. This key surgical team member helps assess patient needs as well as those of the surgical team to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly.

To keep our surgical teams at their best, Operating Room Service Leaders in eight specialty areas ensure the appropriate needs of the surgeons and their specialty teams are met. They make sure that the surgeons have the right equipment and the right supporting surgical expertise and the right. This leadership is part of the surgeons choice to work at Lowell General.

Anesthesia providers administer, monitor and control all aspects of anesthesia, the medication that keeps you from feeling pain during a surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is used to numb just a certain part of your body that is being operated on. With "general anesthesia" you are "put to sleep" with medication that is administered into your body (through an IV). The anesthesia team at Lowell General Hospital have modern, advanced equipment to ensure the effective and accurate dosage of anesthesia for each individual patient.

Learn more about the full-time anesthesiology team at Lowell General Hospital.


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