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da Vinci Prostatectomy Patient, Fred Pais

"I'm looking forward to living my life and enjoying my family."

Fred Pais #2Frederick Pais, 64, of Lunenburg is an active man who likes a challenge. Father of three and grandfather of three, he is a licensed insurance agent who installs DirecTV systems on the side. When Fred turned 50, his wife Eileen gave him flying lessons. He became a licensed pilot, fulfilling a life-long dream. "I do it for the fun and challenge," he says.

One challenge he wasn't looking for was a battle with prostate cancer. But when his primary care physician found a lump during his regular check-up in the fall of 2008, he was ready. A self-described "high tech guy," Fred had heard about a new microscopic surgery and if he needed surgery, he wanted that.

Fred's doctor referred him to Dr. Matthew Cohen of Merrimack Urology in Chelmsford. After a biopsy confirmed prostate cancer, Dr. Cohen gave Fred the good news that he was an excellent candidate for the new minimally invasive da Vinci®, robotic-assisted surgery now available at the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital.

Fred searched the Internet and talked to other men before deciding. He was concerned about incontinence and impotence - two common side effects of prostate surgery.

Dr. Cohen explained that the da Vinci® Surgical System allows surgeons to perform very delicate procedures without destroying nearby nerves that affect urinary control and sexual function.

Fred & Eileen Pais with grandchildren #2Convinced that prostatectomy via the da Vinci® Surgery System was the best option for him, Fred scheduled his surgery. "I was surprised and pleased to discover I could have it right at Lowell General - where our oldest daughter was born," he said.

Dr. Cohen, who has received special training with the Da Vinci® system, removed Fred's prostate gland using a high-powered camera with three-dimensional imaging to guide robotic arms equipped with micro-surgical instruments through keyhole-sized incisions.

Fred was pleased with his surgical experience and his quick recovery. He was back to his normal routine in about a month, and experienced minimal pain, scarring, and limited problems with incontinence.

"This was my first surgical experience and it was excellent," said Fred. "Now I'm looking forward to living my life and enjoying my family."

Pais Family #2

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